Department of Agricultural Engineering

     Department “Agricultural engineering” was created in Sofia as an independent department in the Zootechnics faculty on the basis of the already existing shared department “Mechanization of the agriculture” in the Faculty of Agronomy. Founder and first head of the department is assoc. prof. engineer Nikola Stanishev. The relocation of the department in Stara Zagora was done in 1975. After that the department grew and developed both in teaching staff and in necessary equipment.
Head of the department
Assoc. prof. Kancho Peichev, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 394, +359 878 356 328,e-mail
Technical assistant Irina Vasileva Baneva, office 21, tel. +359 42 699 398 
Technical assistant Antoaneta Balinova, office 21, tel. +359 42 699 398 
Scientific fields of study, scientific issues and interests
  • Mechanization and automatization of the processes in the animal husbandry
  • Research and diagnostics of milking machines and milking robots
  • Agricultural buildings and farms, technologies, construction, ecology, spatial planning, renewable energy sources
  • Mechanization of the agriculture
  • Exploitation of agricultural machinery
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Mechanization and automatization of the processes in the dairy farming
  • Heating, ventilation and climatization in the animal husbandry
  • Energy efficiency in the agricultural production
  • Renewable energy sources (biomass, biogas)
  • Technologies and buildings in the animal husbandry
  • Planning and construction of agricultural buildings and farms
  • Ecological construction and spatial planning
  • Mechanization of the horticulture
  • Management of the production in horticulture
  • Technology of machine building
  • Technical drawing
  • Basics of mechanization in agriculture
  • Machine elements
  • Electrotechnics and electrotechnical movement
  • Mechanics and resistance
  • Hydraulics and hydraulics movement
  • Mechanization and automatization of the processes in animal husbandry
  • Electronics
  • Mechanization in horticulture
  • Tractors and automobiles
  • Ecological aspects of the mechanization in agriculture
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Mechanization of agriculture
  • Ecological construction and spatial planning
  • Agricultural buildings and designing of agricultural objects
  • Exploitation of agricultural machinery
  • Technology for cleaning fluids
  • Building for the animal husbandry
  • Reliability and repair of agricultural technology
  • Automatization of the agricultural production
Teaching staff
tel. +359 42 699 394, +359 878 356 328, e-mail
Field of scientific interests:
Mechanization and automation in dairy farming
Heating, ventilation, air condition in animal husbandry
Renewable energy sources (biomass, biogas)

tel. +359 42 699 397, +359 887 890 077, e-mail
Field of scientific interests:
Technologies and Buildings in the Livestock breeding
Design and Construction of Agrarian Buildings and Farms
Ecologically friendly construction and Territorial development

  tel. +359 42 699 392, e-mail​
Field of scientific interests:
Farm machinery
Mechanization in Animal Husbandry
Use and Maintenance of Agricultural Machines

Assoc. prof. Galina Teneva Dineva, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 455

Assist. prof. eng. Dimitar Stoyanov Georgiev, PhD
tel +359 42 699 393

Assist. prof. eng. Galya Milcheva Hristova, PhD
room 25
tel. +359 42 699 395, +359 894 678 410

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