Department of Plant production

Head of department
assoc. prof. Antonia Stoyanova, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 495, e-mail
Technical assistant Diana Dineva, room 491, tel. +359 42 699 389, e-mail
Technical assistant Slavka Dineva, room 491, tel. +359 42 699 389
Scientific fields of study, scientific issues and interests
  • Study on the biological, immunological and economic qualities of newly selected lines hard-grained wheat
  • Study on the influence of different predecessors and nitrogen rates on the productivity and quality of the production of common wheat
  • Specific reaction and ecological plasticity of new sorts oil-bearing sunflower to a variety of mineral fertilizers in the climate conditions of the Stara Zagora region
  • Study on the influence of growth regulators on the productivity and quality of the production of field peas and vetch
  • Study on the weed associations in different types of agricultural crops in the Stara Zagora region
  • Study on the influence of some agrotechnical measures on the quality of the fruit production of apple trees
  • Plant physiology
  • Agrochemistry
  • Soil science
  • General agriculture
  • Phytopathology (Plant pathology)
  • Plant production part I and II
  • Fodder production
  • Viticulture and winemaking
  • Vegetable production
  • Pomology part I and II
  • Irrigation and draining
  • Selection and seed production with experimental work
  • Floriculture
  • Mushroom growing
  • Measuring the quality and storage of grain
  • Agricultural land evaluation
  • Storage of fruit and vegetable production
  • Production of safe plant production
  • Soil science and agriculture
  • Field vegetable production
  • Greenhouse vegetable production
  • Phytopathology (Plant pathology)
  • Viticulture
  • Pomology
  • Geology and petrography
  • Soil pollution and its impact on the ecosystems  
  • Ecological plant production
  • Ecological aspects in plant production
  • Biological production of fruit
  • Biological production of vegetables
  • Biological production of grapes
  • Storage of fruit and vegetable production
Teaching staff
Assoc. prof. Tsenka Zhekova Zhelyazkova, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 494, e-mail
room 481
Field of scientific interests:
Plant growing
Pulse crops

Assos. prof. Galia Dimitrova Panayotova, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 445, +359 894 615 073
room 479
Field of scientific interests:
Crop production

Assos. prof. Grozi Delchev Delchev, PhD
tel. +359 894 615 068
room 485
Field of scientific interests:
Crop production
Seed production of field crops

Assos. prof. Mima Hristova Todorova, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 499, e-mail
room 457
Field of scientific interests:
Near infrared spectroscopy- rapid and alternative method for determination of soil chemical composition
Soil assessment of cultivation of main agricultural crops
Management of contaminated soils –practical applications

Аssistant prof. Mitko Georgiev Georgiev,PhD
tel. +359 42 699 314, e-mail
room 541
Field of scientific interests:
Crop rotations
Ecological plasticity of weeds
Chemical control of weeds

Assist. prof. Mariya Asenova Gerdzhikova, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 499, e-mail
room 457
Field of scientific interests:
Plant production

Assos. prof. Antonia Koleva Stoyanova, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 495, e-mail
room 483
Field of scientific interests:
Melioration and meliorative technologies
Organic farming

Assos. prof. Nikolay Yanchev Valchev, Phd
tel. +359 42 699 496, +359 889 909 881
room 543
Field of scientific interests:
Technologies for production of seedlings and growing vegetables outdoors and in greenhouses
Biological resources for protection of vegetable crops from diseases and insects
Productive capacity of new introduced sorts of vegetable crops

Assist prof. Lyubov Kostadinova Plescuta
tel. +359 42 699 495, e-mail
room 469
Field of scientific interests:
Crop production

Assist. prof. Penka Ivanova Peeva, PhD
tel. +359 42 699 456, e-mail
room 469

Assist. prof. Stanislava Mihaylova Atanasova
tel. +359 42 699 494, e-mail
room 487
Field of scientific interests:
Fruit growing

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