Master’s Degree Programmes

     The Faculty of Agriculture’s Master’s programs are intended for students who have earned the degree of Bachelor or Professional Bachelor. The latter may pursue a Master’s degree only in the professional direction they have graduated with.
     The duration of tuition for Master’s degree is 1 year (2 semesters) for Bachelors who have graduated with the same professional direction as the Master’s program. Bachelors of other professional directions and Professional Bachelors are taught for a period of 2 years (4 semesters), with the first year being dedicated to make-up courses from the packet of required subjects for the degree of Bachelor in the same major as the Master’s program.

Major “Zooengineering”

Education to obtain Master’s degree in Zooengineering is available in 15 programs:
  1. Reproductive biotechnologies in the animal science
  2. Milk and dairy products technology
  3. Meat and meat products technology
  4. Horse riding
  5. Poultry farming
  6. Aquaculture
  7. Special branches
  8. Pig farming
  9. Cattle breeding and buffalo breeding
  10. Sheep breeding and goat breeding
  11. Safety and quality food systems management
  12. Horse breeding
  13. Farm animals feeding and technology of compound feeds
  14. Breeding farm animals
  15. Consulting activity, development and management of projects in animal science

Major "Ecology and environmental protection" (EEP)

Education to obtain a Master’s degree in Ecology and environmental protection is available in 3 programs:
  1. Protection and management of the environment
  2. Ecotourism
  3. Safety of labour, ecological risk and action during disaster in the agricultural sector

Major "Agronomy"

Education to obtain a Master’s degree in Agronomy is available in 4 programs:
  1. Sowing and planting material production
  2. Biological agriculture
  3. Consulting activity, development and management of projects in Plant production
  4. Agroecology and plant protection

Major "Agricultural engineering"

Education to obtain a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering is available in 2 programs:
  1. Agricultural machinery
  2. Renewable energy sources in the agricultural sector

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