Doctoral Degree Programmes

  1. Agrochemistry
  2. Plant production
  3. Fodder production (meadow treatment)
  4. Feeding farm animals and fodder technologies
  5. Breeding farm animals, biology and bioengineering of the reproduction
  6. Cattle and buffalo breeding
  7. Sheep and goat breeding
  8. Poultry farming
  9. Fishery, fish farming and industrial fishing
  10. Pig farming
  11. Special branches (horses, silkworms, rabbits, industrial game, bees, etc.)
  12. Zoo hygiene and organization of veterinary service
  13. Genetics
  14. Biochemistry
  15. Microbiology
  16. Animal and human physiology
  17. Morphology
  18. Ecology and protection of the ecosystems
  19. Botany
  20. Zoology
  21. Technology of milk and dairy products
  22. Technology of meat and fish products
  23. Mechanization and electrification of the animal husbandry

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