History and Mission

   Higher agrarian education was launched in 1921 when the Faculty of Agronomy was opened at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and training in two majors started – animal husbandry and plant production. The Agricultural Academy was established following a decree of the Council of Ministers dated 17 Sep 1948 to be joined by four faculties from Sofia University– the Faculty of Agronomy, Zooengineering, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine.

   Well-known scientists have taken part in the training of animal science students, such as prof. Zhelyo Ganchev, acad. Yanaki Mollov, acad. Georgi Hlebarov, acad. Kiril Bratanov, acad. Nikola Platikanov, acad. Stefan Kumanov, the world-renowned writer prof. Dimitar Domov, etc.

   In 1974 the Faculties of Zooengineering and Veterinary Medicine were relocated from Sofia to Stara Zagora and the first higher educational institution was established in the city – the Higher Institute of Zooengineering and Veterinary Medicine. In 1983 the Faculty of Zootechnics was renamed Faculty of Zooengineering, in 1992 – Faculty of Agriculture and Animal science and in 1996 – Faculty of Agriculture. That was necessitated by the introduction of new majors related to agricultural production.

  Since 1995 the Faculty of Agriculture has been within the scope of Trakia University – Stara Zagora.

  Students are trained by 86 faculty members of high qualification, incl. 19 professors, 35 associate professors and 32 assistant professors. Of the faculty members 13 are doctors of sciences and 59 are doctors in various spheres. On 18 March 1999 the Faculty of Agriculture was accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency and that entitles it to train students in the above majors in the educational and qualification degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor. Modern and alternative training methods, student mobility in the higher school in the county and abroad are applied in the Faculty of Agriculture.

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