Territorial plans for an inclusive transition of carbon intensive regions

Territorial plans for an inclusive transition of carbon intensive regions

Coal transition in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltics and beyond

Open working meeting

The Institute for Sustainable Transition and Development (ISTD) at Trakia University is inviting you to the webinar on “Territorial plans for an inclusive transition of carbon intensive regions” and initiates a discussion on the opportunities and challenges for countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic.

The webinar will take place on 7th April from 13.00 to 15.00 EET (12.00-14.00 CET). Follow the link at the end to register. The webinar will be in English only, without interpretation. The webinar will be streamed via the site of Trakia University.

The Institute for Sustainable Transition and Development is established thanks to the collaboration and support of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Energy, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria – CITUB, the Confederation of Labour "Podkrepa", Stara Zagora Municipality, Trakia University, Technical University, the Sofia University of Mining and Geology, the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) and the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA). Positioned in Stara Zagora – one of the three pilot regions to be supported by the Just Transition Fund and in close proximity to Maritsa East, the largest coal power generation complex in South East Europe – the Institute plays a key role in the transformation of the economic model in the regions affected by the low carbon energy and industrial transition at regional and national level.

On April 7, 2021, the main topics we will focus on are:

  • Economic opportunities of the European Coal regions in the context of the European Green Deal;
  • The role trade unions and employers could play;
  • Key challenges and opportunities in the different coal regions;
  • Potential strategies for the Just Transition Territorial Plans.

The main audience will include policy makers, government officials, trade unions, investors, local authorities, industrial transition analysts.

Part One – How to secure inclusive transition to the new economy?

The panel will discuss the opportunity to include the current workforce and assets in the transition of the coal regions. Coal regions offer valuable skills, infrastructure, land and other assets that must be included in the low carbon transition. If we fail to do that we risk an economic and demographic decline of the coal regions.

  • “Attracting new investments in carbon intensive regions”, Zhivko Todorov (tbc) – Mayor of Stara Zagora
  •  “The role of the social partners in the low carbon transition”, Plamen Dimitrov – President of the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria
  • “Opportunities and challenges of the coal transition in Romania” Bogdan Hossu – President of the National Trade Union Confederation (CNS) "Cartel ALPHA", Romania.
  • “Investment opportunities of the European coal regions”, Christian Egenhofer – Senior Research Associate, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Florence & Associate Senior Research Fellow, CEPS, Brussels
  • “The process of developing the Just Transition Territorial Plans” – Dimitar Dimitrov, PWC, Bulgaria, from the team supporting the development of the Territorial Plan

Part Two – How can the territorial plans boost sustainable competitiveness?

  • “The Romanian case”, Razvan Nucolescu – Former Minister of Energy of Romania, currently partner at Deloitte
  • “The case of Gorna Nitra, Slovakia” – Ondrej Seban, PWC, Slovakia
  • “Czech territorial plan. Comparison with the Baltic states.”, Linda Zeilina – CEO, International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC)
  • “The case of the transition planning of the lignite region of Eastern Wielkopolska”,
    Michał Hetmański – President Instrat, Poland
  • “The transition in Luthaunia and the Baltics”, Rytis Kėvelaitis – Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania

Moderator: Julian Popov, Fellow of the European Climate Foundation, Member of the Board of ISTD

Follow this link to register https://forms.gle/eryBMTbGtrpi2Ny97

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If you have any additional question, please contact us on: iupr@trakia-uni.bg


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