Trakia University Press is a prestigious, science focused, scholar publisher of Trakia University Stara Zagora. The Press is specialised in producing high quality and rigorously peer reviewed works from all over the world with particular interest in medicine, veterinary medicine, humanitarian, technical and social sciences. Trakia University Press publishes academic books and journals in our stated subject areas of science, combining original ideas and innovative knowledge with high editorial and production values to publish works of greater importance. 

Trakia University Press is governed by an Editorial Board and welcomes submissions or research-related works by local and international authors



Editorial board

Chair of the Editorial board

Ani Zlateva

Members of the Editorial board

Vasil Atanasov

Tsvetoslav Koynarski

Nikolay Dimitrov

Teodora Ilieva

Tanya Taneva

Zlatinka Kazlacheva

Nikolay Atanasov

Neli Dineva

Todor Kozhuharov

Zhelka Dakovska

Vanya Buyuklieva

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