Department for Information and In-Service Teachers Training


DISTT is а bacis unit in the structure of Trakia university-Stara Zagora since 1996, inheritor of long traditions in the qualification ofthe teaching staff.


In DISTT are working highly qualified teachers, carrying out specializations of teaching staff across the country.

DISTT has more than 50 forms of:
• Qualification of teaching staff;
• Professional pedagogical specializations;
• Specializations for qualification;
• Courses with general pedagogic orientation;
• Specialized qualification courses;
• Workshops and training;
• Languagetraining;
• Procedures for obtaining professional qualifications of the teaching staff.
There is a regional center for research
mobility, part of DISTT – RCRM, part of a national network of mobility centers, founded by the European commision. Its activity is focused on the integration of the European research space and mobility of scientists.
DISTT team is working on many international projects in the sixth and seventh framework programs,Comenius, Phare Programme,National public fund "Russian world",etc.


Teachers of Department participates in research teams for developing of textbooks, e-books and other electronic publications, expert groups for evaluating of the textbooks, reviewing of dissertations and other procedures. At present, scientific research priorities are: Education of Adults; Carrier development and Key competences in education; Informational and communicational technologies in education; Intercultural communication and cooperation; Integration of children with special educational needs.


DISTT has facilities suitable for different courses – lectures, seminars, exercises, interactive sessions, training, language training, and adequate resources for educational events – forums, presentations, sessions and more.


DISTT works on bilateral agreements with: Berdyansk Pedagogical Institut e – Berdyansk – Ukraine, IRYA "A. Pushkin "- Russia, NASA Center, Izmir-Turkey


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