University Hospital

The General Hospital for Active Treatment - Stara Zagora EAD is the legal successor of the University Hospital at the Medical Faculty of the Thracian University in Stara Zagora, as a consequence of the transformation of the latter into a Sole Joint Stock Company, according to the provisions of Art. 101 para. 1 of the Medical Establishments Act and according to the requirements of Art. 14 para. 2, as well as on the basis of issued Order RD № 18-80 dated 31.08.2000 of the Minister of Health and Decision of the Stara Zagora District Court - Commercial Division № 3505 dated 12.09.2000 on company case № 1637.
Multi-profile hospital for active treatment - Stara Zagora EAD (University) employs 584 employees, of which senior medical staff - 180, paramedics - 246 and other staff - 158.

Management address:
The multi-profile hospital for active treatment - Stara Zagora EAD
Stara Zagora 6003 11 Armeyska Str
tel: 042 600710, fax: 042 600710
E-mail: mbalsziп

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