Enrollment procedure

The time and place of the enrollment procedure are as follow:

  1. The enrollment procedure for the applicants in the preparatory year, who wish to study in Bulgarian language, goes together with the application process.
  2. In case the applicant has already passed the preparatory year and has a Bulgarian language Certificate, issued by Trakia university or any other Bulgarian university, he / she participates in the enrollment procedure together with the Bulgarian candidates (the rules and regulations applied to the candidates from EU and EEA are the same as those applied to Bulgarian citizens). This means that the student must register the same day or the next day following his/her ranking.
  3. In case the applicant chooses to study the desired major in English (this is applicable to the majors that are offered in English – “Medicine” and “Veterinary medicine”), the enrollment procedure starts on the 29th of August and the deadline for the students' registration is the 6th of September.

The students must pay their tuition fees for the first semester during the enrollment procedure. (Please refer to the link Tuition fees and Bank accounts.) The students may show a proof of the payment, for ex. a bank receipt proving the payment. 


The enrollment procedure takes place in the respective faculties according to the following table:

Where the newly-admitted students are registered:




Phone/fax numbers

Agrarian Faculty

Stara Zagora, Students’ Campus, 4th floor, room 408

tel.: 042/ 699 304

tel./fax: 042/ 670 942

Veterinary Faculty

Stara Zagora, Students’ Campus, 5th floor, room 583

tel.: 042/ 699 500; 699 504

tel./fax: 042/ 670 624

Medical Faculty

Stara Zagora, 11 Armeiska str., 1st floor, room 3

tel.: 042/ 664 209; 664 333

tel./fax: 042/ 600 705

Faculty of Pedagogy

Stara Zagora, 9 Armeiska str., 2nd floor, room 210

tel.: 042/ 613 762; 613 763

tel./fax: 042/ 630 610

Economic Faculty

Stara Zagora, Students’ Campus, 1st floor, Education Department

tel.: 042/ 699 400, 699 405

fax: 042/ 633 226

Technics and Technologies Faculty, town of Yambol

Town of Yambol, 38 Graf Ignatiev str., 2nd floor

tel.: 046/ 669 149

Medical College

Stara Zagora, 9 Armeiska str., 3rd floor, Education Department

tel.: 042/ 601 721

tel./fax: 042/ 600 755


Branch-town of Haskovo

Town of Haskovo, 48 Saedinenie boulevard, 2nd floor

tel./fax: 038/ 664 375




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