Bulgarian Programs

Foreign citizens who wish to study in Bulgarian may apply for all the specialties offered by Trakia university.

In order to master Bulgarian language, the applicants pass a 10-month preparatory course (2 semesters, 5 months each) in the Centre for language and specialized training of foreign citizens in Trakia university. During most of the first semester the candidates study Bulgarian language only. The second semester includes training of special subjects in Bulgarian according to the major / specialty chosen by the candidate. For example, if the chosen specialty is Veterinary medicine, the students study Biology and Chemistry in Bulgarian during the second semester of their preparatory course. At the end of each semester the applicants sit for exams in Bulgarian language (oral and written) and at the end of the preparatory course they sit for exams in the special subjects, too.


In case the candidate-student passes his/her exams successfully he/she receives a Certificate for language training.


The tuition fee for the preparatory course is 2500 euro. Candidates with two citizenships one of each is Bulgarian pay 1250 euro. The tuition fee is paid in two equal installments at the beginning of each semester. It is paid either in the pay desk of the Rectorate, either through a bank transfer to the following bank account:


Trakia university, Stara Zagora



BG22UNCR 7630 3100 1176 13



In case of a bank payment, the name of the student must be stated in the refference field of the bank document.


After the preparatoty year the candidate-students apply for and enroll in the  chosen specialty.


The required application documents are uploaded in the following links: General information, Applicants from EU and EEA and Non-EU applicants.

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