Department of Regional Development

The Department of Regional Development was established in 2008 as a response to the new social and economic challenges in the area of local and regional development, such as:

  • The ever growing need for qualified specialists who would implement the common European and national regional policy
  • The creation of the department facilitates the development of regional sciences in the Faculty of Economics at Trakia University, and especially in respect to the Bachelor’s Degree in Regional Economics, the Master’s Degree in Economic Analysis and Projects for Regional Development, and the Doctoral Degree in National Economy (including regional economy and history of the national economy).
  • The needs for practical actions and the solution to real problems in various aspects of the local and regional development through expert and project activities, transfer of knowledge and innovations, and actual contribution to the knowledge triangle “science-education-business”.

A research project of the department leads to the establishment of the Centre for Regional Development, whose main priorities are:

  • Development of policies for achieving durable economic and social development and cohesion of Bulgarian regions
  • Research on the opportunities for improving the quality of life of the population, preserving the cultural and historical heritage, the local and national identity
  • Steady integration into the European research space

The faculty members in the department teach over 40 disciplines with students from all specialties of the Faculty of Economics. The main research areas and interests of the department members are:

  • Economic and management aspects of local and regional development
  • Decentralization and local self-government
  • Regional policy
  • Structure of territorial units
  • Geoeconomics and geopolitics
  • Demographic problems
  • Human resources management
  • Environmental economy
  • Sociology and integration problems
  • Alternative tourism
  • Preservation of the cultural and historical heritage
  • Public finances
  • State institutions and management
  • Project development and management


Department of Regional Development



Head of Department : Assoc. Prof. Blaga Stoykova, PhD

699 414





Prof. Veneta Gaydardjieva, PhD

699 424


Prof. Stefan Ivanov, PhD

699 412


Prof. Yuliana Yarkova, PhD

699 433


Chief Assist. Prof. Nadezhda Georgieva, PhD

699 413


Chief Assist. Prof. Nedelin Markov, PhD

699 436


Assist. Prof. Emil Mutafov, PhD

699 431 515

Office Manager: Senior Administrator Nadya Krastanova

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