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2020 година


Област на знанието: Икономика. Икономически науки

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Алексова, Десислава Иванова. Модел за устойчиво развитие на формираща се туристическа дестинация по примера на община Ботевград, 2019.

Целта на тази книга е да запознае всички потенциални читатели с основните принципи, методи и подходи при проучване на развиваща се туристическа дестинация и създаване на модел за устойчиво туристическо развитие на местно ниво. Изследването обхваща процесите на идентификация, обработка, анализ и систематизиране на информация, определяне на стратегически цели и приоритети и форимиране на конкретни предложения за устойчиво местно туристическо развитие. (авторът)

Предметни рубрики: регионална икономика – туризъм – Ботевград, община

 Сигнатура: ЕК

M'barek, R. и др. Alternate global transition pathways to 2050: prospects for the bioeconomy : an application of the MAGNET model with SDG insights, 2019.

The bioeconomy has been identified as one of the building blocks of the European Commission Communication A Clean Planet for all: A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy (Long-term strategy – LTS) (EC, 2018b), and as an important part of the Common Agricultural Policy strategic plans. (Publications Office of the European Union)

Предметни рубрики: биоикономика – перспективи – Европейски съюз

 Сигнатура: ЕК

The EIB circular economy guide : supporting the circular transition, 2019.

The EIB supports the transition to the circular economy. This guide explains why Ц and how that can be achieved. The EIB Circular Economy Guide aims to promote a common understanding of circular economy, and raise awareness about and promote circular solutions. The Guide provides information about EIBТs lending and advisory activities in this field, and communicates our vision of how the EIB can further support the transition to a circular economy. The Guide is a living document that will be updated in response to our evolving understanding of circular economy needs, opportunities and risks, and growing experience with the appraisal and financing of circular economy projects. (Publications Office of the EU)

Предметни рубрики: кръгова икономика – Европейски съюз

Област на знанието: Науки за околната среда

 Сигнатура: ЕК

CORDIS results pack on biodiversity : a thematic collection of innovative EU-funded research results, 2019.

This CORDIS Results Pack focuses on 11 projects funded under the EU's FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes. These prove the need for biodiversity and ecosystem services research to ensure Europe's sustainability, and their relevance for current and future global policy objectives. (Publications Office of the European Union)

Предметни рубрики: биоразнообразие, растително – опазване – Европейски съюз

 Сигнатура: ЕК

EU environment and climate change policies : state of play, current and future challenges, 2019.

This study reviews the state of play of on-going EU environmental and climate legislation and pinpoints key challenges for the next five years. Challenges arise from the plans released by the president-elect, such as a new European Green Deal, the completion of work started in the previous term (e.g. the Regulation on a framework for sustainable finance and the completion of the multiannual finance framework), by reviews of legislation foreseen for the next term and the need for action where indicators show that current EU environment targets may not be achieved. This document was provided by Policy Department A at the request of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament. (Publications Office of the EU)

Предметни рубрики: околна среда – опазване – Европейски съюз

 Сигнатура: ЕК

The European environment – state and outlook 2020 : knowledge for transition to a sustainable Europe, 2019.

The report provides a comprehensive assessment of Europe's environment to support governance and inform the public. Like all EEA reports, it is founded on the work of the European Environment Information and Observation Network (Eionet) – a partnership between the EEA and its 33 member countries and six cooperating countries. (Publications Office of the European Union)

Предметни рубрики: промени на климата ; околна среда – политики – Европейски съюз

Област на знанието: Обща геология. Метеорология. Климатология

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Commission for Agricultural Meteorology. Abridged Final Report of the Seventeenth Session Incheon, Republic of Korea, 18-20 April 2018, 2019.

The president of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM), Dr Byong-Lyol Lee, opened the seventeenth session of CAgM on 18 April 2018 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. He welcomed the participants to the Republic of Korea and expressed his pleasure in addressing the seventeenth session of CAgM. He mentioned that the Commission has a vision and mission to provide scientific and technological guidance to the Members in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries, not only for food production but also for agricultural meteorological risk governance in terms of agro-ecosystem resilience and sustainability, especially with higher priorities on climate services and capacitydevelopment. (WMO)

Предметни рубрики: агрометеорология

 Сигнатура: ЕК

WMO Provisional Statement of the State of the Climate 2019, [2019].

The Global Climate Indicators describe the changing climate, providing a broader picture of climate change at a global level that goes beyond temperature. They provide important information for the domains most relevant for climate change, including the composition of the atmosphere, the energy changes that arise from the accumulation of greenhouse gases and other factors and the responses of the land, oceans and ice. Key Global Climate Indicators include atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, global mean surface temperature, ocean heat content, sea level, ocean acidification and sea-ice extent. (WMO)

Предметни рубрики: промени на климата – света

 Сигнатура: ЕК

World Meteorological Organization. WMO Strategic Plan 2020-2023, 2019.

The Strategic Plan adopted by the Eighteenth World Meteorological Congress, in June 2019, sets the directions and priorities to guide the activities of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) during 2020-2023 and up to 2030 to enable all Members to improve their information, products and services. (WMO)

Предметни рубрики: метеорология – световни организации – конгреси

 Сигнатура: ЕК

World Meteorological Organization. World Meteorological Congress : Abridged Final Report of the Eighteenth Session, Geneva 3-14 June 2019, 2019.

This report contains the text as adopted by Plenary and has been issued without formal editing. (WMO)

Предметни рубрики: метеорология – конгреси









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