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2020 година


Област на знанието: Политика. Политически науки

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Turkey : Syrian refugee resilience plan 2020-2021, 2020.

This document supports the Government of Turkey in addressing the needs of Syrians under temporary protection and vulnerable host communities in Turkey. The plan is based on a holistic cooperative approach involving a variety of actors, as well as partnerships with the private sector and local institutions. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: бежанци – интеграция – селско стопанство – Турция

Област на знанието: Общи въпроси на търговията. Пазар

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Review of agricultural trade policies in post-Soviet countries 2017-2018, 2020.

The publication presents analysis of agricultural trade policies in post-Soviet countries. The aim of the review is to monitor the latest changes in trade policies of these countries, affecting the dynamics and structure of trade. The publication includes a chapter with an overview of the prospects for expanding the agricultural trade of some Central Asian countries with China and the Russian Federation, and a chapter about the impact of climate change on agricultural trade in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: селскостопанска продукция – търговия ; търговска политика – постсъветски страни – Източна Европа ; Централна Азия

Област на знанието: Право. Правни науки

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Legal guide on land consolidation : based on regulatory practices in Europe, 2020.

This publication provides guidance on legislative issues regarding land consolidation in alignment with the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security as well as international human rights law. It is based on good practices in Europe and focuses on rural areas. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: земеползване ; земи, земеделски – комасация – Европейски съюз

Област на знанието: Науки за околната среда. Опазване на природните ресурси

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Biodiversity and the livestock sector : guidelines for quantitative assessment : version 1, 2020.

The livestock sector is a major user of natural resources (land in particular) and an important contributor to pollution (e.g. causing nutrient losses, increasing greenhouse gas emissions), which makes it one of the sectors with the highest impact on biodiversity. At the same time, livestock production is one of the few sectors with not only negative but also positive impacts on biodiversity; therefore, the sector can pull two levers to improve its biodiversity performance – mitigate harm and maximize benefits. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: животни, селскостопански – генетични ресурси – опазване ; биоразнообразие

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Strategies for the promotion of Conservation Agriculture in Central Asia : Proceedings of the International Conference, 5-7 September 2018, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2020.

The Proceedings of the Conference aims to compile the data collected during the Conference and archive for future. It is composed of 6 chapters. The chapter on keynote speeches include presentations of Mr Hafiz Muminjanov, Agricultural Officer at FAO headquarters, introducing Conservation Agriculture: a win-win option for food security, land management and livelihoods and of Mr Amir Kassam, Moderator of the FAO Global Platform for CA Community of a worldwide revolution of conservation agriculture. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: води за напояване – устойчиво земеделие – Централна Азия

Област на знанието: Биологични науки

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Water Accounting in the Jordan River Basin : remote sensing for water productivity, 2020.

The Jordan River Basin is the most important water resource shared between the Middle East countries: Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Its surface water and groundwater have been highly exploited and fought over throughout history. The diverse climate over its area results in spatially variable precipitation and evapotranspiration, thus, variability of water generation and consumption. To be able to manage the water resources in a sustainable manner, it is important to understand the current state of the water resources. However with limited up-to-date ground observations, in terms of duration, completeness and quality of the hydro-meteorological records it is difficult to draw an appropriate picture of the water resources conditions. The Water Accounting Plus (WA+) system designed by IHE Delft with its partners FAO and IWMI has been applied to gain full insights into the state of the water resources in the basin. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: повърхностни води – управление на водите – Западна Африка ; Йордан, река

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and wastewater management to prevent infections and reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), 2020.

This technical brief provides information to inform Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and wastewater elements within multi-sectoral antimicrobial resistance (AMR) national action plans (NAPs). It includes a summary of evidence and the co-benefits rationale for action in each sector and presents a menu of actions for consideration and refinement in each country context. The technical brief also identifies sector specific policy options and to additional information, including knowledge gaps and research needs, as well as additional technical resources to support planning and implementation. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: отпадъчни води – управление на водите ;  антимикробна резистентност

Област на знанието: Хигиена на храненето

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Cruz, Luisa. Legal Guide on school food and nutrition : legislating for a healthy school food environment, 2020.

This Guide promotes a holistic and human rights-based approach to school food and nutrition, in which legislation is an indispensable tool to ensure the sustainability of public policy goals set by a country. In light of international law and standards, it provides practical information and guidance to develop or strengthen national legislation to improve food security and nutrition in schools as well as community development. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: училищно хранене – здравословно хранене – нормативни документи ; продоволствена сигурност

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Report of the Expert Meeting on Ciguatera Poisoning : Rome, 19-23 November 2018, 2020.

Of greatest concern to humans are algal species that produce potent neurotoxins that can find their way through shellfish and fish to human consumers where they evoke a variety of gastrointestinal and neurological illnesses (paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP), amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP), diarrhoeic shellfish poisoning (DSP), neurotoxic shellfish poisoning (NSP), azaspiracid shellfish poisoning (AZP) and ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP)). Worldwide, ciguatoxins are estimated to cause around 50 000 cases of ciguatera fish poisoning annually; neurological effects may last for weeks or even years and one percent of these cases are fatal. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: хранителни отравяния – риба ; рибни продукти

Област на знанието: Ветеринарна медицина

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Exposure of humans or animals to SARS-CoV-2 from wild, livestock, companion and aquatic animals : qualitative exposure assessment, 2020.

Understanding the risk of exposure of humans or animals to SARS-CoV-2 from animals and their products is essential for containing virus spread, prioritizing research, protecting food systems, and informing national One Health investigations and mitigation measures. This Qualitative Exposure Assessment provides a comprehensive review of available scientific evidence and assessment of exposure risk from different wild or domestic animal species. Results can inform country-level risk assessment and provide the evidence base for targeted SARS-CoV-2 investigations in animals and mitigation options. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: животни, диви ; животни, домашни – здравеопазване ; вирусни заболявания – коронавирус

Област на знанието: Организация и управление на селскостопанското производство

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Agripreneurship across Africa : stories of inspiration, 2020.

The publication offers guidance to agripreneurs on how to overcome or avoid potential pitfalls and learn from the paths set out by the 12 agripreneurs, whose stories reflect real-life experiences of agribusiness development in Africa. It should be seen as a collection of resources on agripreneurship, focused on these four topical areas: scale, women, youth, and challenging environments, while providing guiding advice for agripreneurs and policy-makers. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: селско стопанство – роля на жените – Африка

 Сигнатура: ЕК

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2020-2029, 2020.

During the preparation of the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2020-2029, the exact effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on agricultural markets were still largely unknown and they were therefore not incorporated in the baseline projections. Nevertheless, the Outlook aims to outline the channels of transmission of COVID-19 impacts on the various food and agriculture sectors. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: селскостопанска продукция – статистически данни, прогнозни – света

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Perspectives on diversification prospects for the agrifood industry in Guyana, 2020.

The analysis in this report aims to guide policymaking in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana in support of the agricultural development and diversification strategy and support decision making to foster a rapid, sustainable, and successful agricultural transformation process. The aim is to identify the most critical challenges for Guyana's agricultural sector, explore the relationships among agricultural diversification and agricultural development, and finally, to determine the agricultural subsectors and products that show export potential for Guyana. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: аграрно производство – диверсификация – Гвиана ; бедствия

Област на знанието: Горско стопанство

 Сигнатура: ЕК

A framework to assess the extent and effectiveness of community-based forestry, 2019.

Well-performing community-based forestry (CBF) has the potential to rapidly restore forests in ecological terms and scale up sustainable forest management to the national level, while improving local livelihoods of billions of the most marginalized people around the world. The purpose of this framework is to facilitate assessment of the extent of CBF, the status with regards to the enabling conditions, and the impact of CBF on forests and local livelihoods at the country level. Thus, this assessment framework can serve to provide important insights into the successes, as well as the continued shortcomings of CBF at the country level. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: горско стопанство – държавно горско стопанство

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Global forest resources assessment 2020 : main report, 2020.

This, the latest of these assessments, examines the status of, and trends in, forest resources over the period 1990-2020, drawing on the efforts of hundreds of experts worldwide. The production of FRA 2020 also involved collaboration among many partner organizations, thereby reducing the reporting burden on countries, increasing synergies among reporting processes, and improving data consistency. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: гори ; горски ресурси ; горски продукти – статистика – света

Област на знанието: Животновъдство

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Molina-Flores, Baldomero и др. The role of livestock in food security, poverty reduction and wealth creation in West Africa, 2020.

The book has twelve chapters, covering almost all aspects of livestock in the region. Attempts were made to enrich the information provided by including eight short case studies focusing on different aspects of the livestock sub-sector in West Africa. The book attempts to fill the gap of a need for comprehensive information on the potential, performance, challenges, and prospects of the livestock sub-sector in West Africa. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: животновъдство – Западна Африка ; продоволствена сигурност

Област на знанието: Лов. Риболов. Рибно стопанство

Сигнатура: ЕК

Empowering women in small-scale fisheries for sustainable food systems : Regional Inception Workshop 3-5 March 2020, Accra, Ghana, 2020.

The project promotes the application of the principles of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication (the SSF Guidelines) in FAO member countries and regions. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: продоволствена сигурност – риболов, дребномащабен – роля на жените

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Safety at sea for small-scale fishers in the Caribbean, 2020.

This manual on safety at sea for small-scale fishers in the Caribbean aims to contribute to a culture of safety awareness among fisherfolk, reduce the number of accidents and increase the chances of survival if accidents occur. The manual provides guidance on safety matters related to the work on a small-scale fishing vessel (e.g. fire safety, deck safety, lifesaving equipment, lighting and ventilation), personal safety and navigation safety. Checks and procedures to be performed before a fishing trip, as well as guidance for survival at sea, are also included in this manual. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: риболовни лодки – безопасност
























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