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2020 година, ноември

Област на знанието: Компютърни науки и технологии

 Сигнатура: ЕК

WaPOR database methodology : Version 2 release, April 2020, 2020.

The FAO portal to monitor Water Productivity through Open Access of Remotely sensed derived data (WaPOR) provides, as of today, access to 11 years of continued observations over Africa and the Near East. The portal provides open access to various spatial data layers related to land and water use for agricultural production and allows for direct data queries, time series analyses, area statistics and data download of key variables to estimate water and land productivity gaps in irrigated and rain fed agriculture. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: водопотребление – бази данни – Близък Изток ; Африка

Област на знанието: Официална статистика

Сигнатура: ЕК

World Food and Agriculture : Statistical Pocketbook 2020, 2020.

This pocketbook complements the Statistical Yearbook by providing, in an easy and concise format, quick access to top-level numbers, charts and maps on many dimensions of food and agriculture. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: земеделие – статистика света

 Сигнатура: ЕК

World Food and Agriculture : Statistical Yearbook 2020, 2020.

This publication offers a synthesis of the major factors at play in the global food and agricultural landscape. It is meant to constitute a primary tool for policy makers, researchers, analysts and the general public interested in the past, present and future path of food and agriculture. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: земеделие – статистика – света

Област на знанието: Организации и други обединения

 Сигнатура: ЕК

FAO at 75 : Grow, nourish, sustain. Together, 2020.

Born in 1945 amid the idealism of post-war reconstruction, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations sets out to increase farm output around the world and make famines a thing of the past. As the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates vulnerabilities linked to conflict and climate change, FAO is looking to advanced research partnerships, digitalization, and wall-to-wall innovation to help end hunger and malnutrition. With ten years to go until the Sustainable Development Goals come due, the race is on for bold answers and dramatic solutions. (fao.org)

Предметни рубрики: световни организации – ФАО – история ; годишнини

Област на знанието: Икономика. Икономически науки

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition in Europe and Central Asia 2019 : structural transformations of agriculture for improved food security, nutrition and environment, 2019.

This edition introduces analysis on the prevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity, based on the Food Insecurity Experience Scale surveys. The new estimates show that the prevalence of food insecurity at the moderate or severe level can be quite high, and that the prevalence is non-trivial even in many relatively high-income countries in the ECA region. Malnutrition is present to varying degrees in all countries in the region, and the prevalence of overweight and obesity is alarmingly high and increasing. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: продоволствена сигурност ; продоволствена политика – Европа ; Централна Азия ; Цели за устойчиво развитие

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Sanchez, Marco V. и др. Analysis of alternative routes of public investment in agriculture and their impact on economic growth and rural poverty reduction in Nicaragua, 2020.

To tackle the economic downturn in Nicaragua, this study analyses various scenarios to evaluate the impact of increasing public investment on the productive infrastructure of the different agri-food sectors, and explores possible financing options for new investments. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: земеделие – публични инвестиции – Никарагуа

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Serfilippi, Elena и др. Coffee in crisis offers a lesson in resilience: evidence from Guatemala, 2020.

Findings show a negative impact of the shock on households' well-being; the strategic role of resilience in mitigating those negative effects; and provide evidence on how an approach that enhances both absorptive and adaptive capacity, can be beneficial for coffee producers. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: кафе – пазари ; агроекология – устойчиво развитие – Гватемала ; Кариби 

Област на знанието: Социални дейности

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Azzini, Giovanni Carrasco. Social assistance and productive support policies implementation in rural areas : are social protection policies designed to reach the rural poor, 2020.

This study contributes to filling these gaps by documenting and analysing recent trends in social assistance programme implementation at global and regional levels, and identifying the programmes that are fully or partially designed to focus on rural areas. It also identifies social assistance programmes with an explicit agriculture production support component and/or linkages with existing agricultural support programmes, as well as support programmes with explicit social assistance components and/or linkages with such programmes. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: селско стопанство – социално подпомагане – райони, селски

Област на знанието: Наука за околната среда

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Environmental performance of feed additives in livestock supply chains : guidelines for assessment : Version 1, 2020.

The methodology developed in these guidelines aims to introduce a harmonized international approach to the assessment of the environmental performance of feed additives in livestock supply chains taking into consideration the impact of their production and use all along the supply chain for large ruminants, pigs and poultry. The objective of this technical document is twofold: on the one hand, to provide detailed guidance on how to measure the environmental performance of the production of feed additives, and on the other hand, how to measure the effects of feed additives on the environmental performance of livestock products. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: фуражни добавки – екологични проблеми

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Wilkes, Andreas и др. Livestock Activity Data Guidance (L-ADG) : methods and guidance on compilation of activity data for Tier 2 livestock GHG inventories, 2020.

The guide provides practical methods for countries to estimate the activity data used to compile livestock greenhouse gas inventories. It helps countries to improve the accuracy of their livestock emission estimates and report progress towards their nationally determined contributions. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: животновъдство – парникови газове

Област на знанието: Почвознание. Изследвания на почвата

 Сигнатура: ЕК

A protocol for measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification of soil organic carbon in agricultural landscapes : GSOC-MRV Protocol, 2020.

This document provides a conceptual framework and standard methodologies for the monitoring, reporting and verification of changes in SOC stocks and GHG emissions/removals from agricultural projects that adopt sustainable soil management practices (SSM) at farm level. It is intended to be applied in different agricultural lands, including annual and perennial crops (food, fibre, forage and bioenergy crops), paddy rice, grazing lands with livestock including pastures, grasslands, rangelands, shrublands, silvopasture and agroforestry. Although developed for projects carried out at farm level, potential users include investors, research institutions, government agencies, consultants, agricultural companies, NGOs, individual farmers or farmer associations, supply chain and other users who are interested in measuring and estimating SOC stocks and changes and GHG emissions in response to management practices. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: почви – въглеродни запаси















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