IMPORTANTNotice for 6th year students who are about to take state exams

State exam application form

Reference for number of treated patients


Important notice regarding the upcoming state exams






Requirements for completion of Patient Record Form – parasitic and infectious diseases


Dear students,

Your summer training/internship must be conducted as follows:

·         III year students: 2 weeks – 80 working hours (between 4 of July and 31 of August 2022)

·         IV year students: 4 weeks (any period between 4 of July and 31 of August 2022)

·         V year students: 12 weeks – (4 of July – 23 of September 2022)


  •   Part I: 4 weeks – (04 of July – 29 of July) Clinic or Farm
  •   Part II: 4 weeks – (01 of August – 26 of August) Clinic or Farm
  •   Part III: 4 weeks – (29 of August – 23 of September)  Regional branch of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency/State veterinary authority


The Associate Dean of Clinical Activity, Internships and Practices and I were working together to prepare detailed guidelines for III, IV and V year students' internships that you can find on the webpage of the faculty:

Integrated into the PDF document you will find a link to the application form that you need to fill in by the 13th of May 2022:

All Erasmus traineeship students are obligated to observe all mandatory instructions which apply to each student of the Faculty of veterinary medicine and gather and provide all required documents.

Moreover, the Erasmus students have to submit to prof. Ivan Penchev, Natasha Koynarska and Reni Mitsova (Rectors' office) two additional documents:

1. The 3-rd part of the Learning Agreement (LA) – After the mobility, filled in all activities during the traineeship (in detail and according to the plan of traineeship in LA – before the mobility)
2. Certificate
These documents must be signed and stamped by the clinics!

Prof. Penchev will publish examples for both documents on FB and on the Webpage of the Faculty of veterinary medicine soon.


Schedule of duties:

4th year students

5th year students


Summer Internship 2022 – Application form

Sample report & sample journal from external practical training

Guideline for Internships and Practical Trainings


Schedule of duties – 4th year students


Questionnaires for the State Exams of English-speaking students: Theoretical and Practical


Requirements for preparing the written report on a pre-graduation external practical training (EPT)

Requirements patient record form infectious and parasitic diseases

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