Questionnaires for the State Exams of English-speaking students: Theoretical and Practical


Dear students,

We are looking forward to welcoming all of you back to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in September 2020 for the new semester. All exams (supplementary session) and the learning process will be held in person at the Trakia University.

The supplementary exam session for all students will be on 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2020. No official notes from Dean’s office are required to sit the exams.

The Academic year 2020/2021 will start on the 14th of September. Immediately after the opening of the academic year, all students shall continue their education in person, according to university schedules and schedules of lectures and classes for the regular learning process. The schedule and distribution by groups and courses will be uploaded on the FVM’s website in early September.

We know this is a uniquely challenging time for everybody, and our goal is to help support you. We urge every student to take their behavior seriously and to consider the impact of your decisions not only on your own health but that of your friends, teachers, and staff. For all students who think they may have been exposed to COVID will have the opportunity for individual or group laboratory examination by PCR test in Trakia Hospital (price BGN 70 per person / BGN 100 per group of 3 mixed samples together / BGN 120 per group of 5 mixed samples together). The result comes out in 24 hours! A negative result will cancel the quarantine, a positive one leads to self-isolation, and quarantine for 28 days and treatment if necessary. The biosecurity measures of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine require wearing masks and compliance with social distancing in the buildings of the university. The lecture hall and clinical toilets will be equipped with hot water, non-contact air dryers, elbow installations for disinfectant and soap. Karcher automatic professional cleaning machines will take care of cleaning and disinfection of all corridors in the FVM.


Schedule of duties III year 1st group

Schedule of duties III year 2nd group

Schedule of duties IV year 1st group

Schedule of duties IV year 2nd group

Schedule of duties IV year 3rd group

Schedule of duties IV year 4th group

Schedule of duties V year 1st group

Schedule of duties V year 2nd group


Timetable 20-21 1st year winter

Timetable 20-21 2nd year winter

Timetable 20-21 3rd year winter

Timetable 20-21 4th year winter

Timetable 20-21 5th year winter


Link to the page Internship


To the attention of Erasmus+ students (Bulgarian and English groups!!!) – Application procedure for Erasmus+ traneeship in the Academic Year 2020-2021

To the attention of Erasmus+ students

Erasmus+ traineeship – 2019-2020

To the attention of all Erasmus+ students – summer traineeship Academic year – 2019-2020

Information for all Erasmus students


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