General Livestock Breeding

Department chair: Prof. Krasimira Uzunova, PhD

Address: Student campus, 6000 Stara Zagora

Tel: (042) 699 571; Е-mail:


Section: Ecology and Radiation ecology

Head: Chief Assist. Prof. Nevena Svetoslavova Nikolova, DVM

Tel: (042) 699 553; Е-mail:

Research fields: radiation biology, toxicology.


Section: Nutrition, dietetics, and veterinary-sanitary analysis of fodders

Head: Assoc. Prof. Krum Nedelkov, PhD, DVM



Assoc. Prof. Krum Vladimirov Nedelkov, PhD, DVM

Tel: (042) 699 556; E-mail:

Research fields: Non-hormonal methods of oestrus synchronisation in and improving the fertility of sheep; efficient decomposition of protein and dry substances in the belly; digestibility of protein in the small intenstines of ruminants.


Assist. Prof. ALeksandar Pavlov Atanasov, DVM

Tel: (042) 699 557; E-mail:

Research fields: nutrition, energy and protein metabolism, Alternative protein sources, feed additives for fish, amphibians and snails.


Chief specialist, chemist, Velichka Bogdanova Orozova

Tel: (042) 699 558; E-mail:                                                                                                    


Section: Genetics.

Prof. Dobri Zhelev Yarkov, DVM

Tel: (042) 699 577; E-mail:

Research fields: genetics and selection in animals; immuno-genetics; ecological genetics; cytogenetics.


Assoc. Prof. Valentin Marinov Semerdzhiev, PhD

Tel: (042) 699 575; Е-mail:

Research fields: immuno-genetics of various poultry genotypes.


Assoc. Prof. Tsvetoslav Ventsislavov Koynarski, PhD, DVM

Tel: (042) 699 578; E-mail:

Research fields: genetics and seletion of animals towards disease resistance; molecular biology and biotechnologies; immuno-genetics; hereditary diseases in animals.


Section: "Veterinary Hygiene, Ethology and Animal Protection".

Head: Prof. Krasimira Ivanova Uzunova, PhD.


Prof. Krasimira Ivanova Uzunova, PhD.

Phone: 00359 042 699 571;


Scientific interests: Impact of various technological solutions on the health status of animals of productive and working significance. Issues related to the stray population of dogs in Bulgaria. Ethological diagnosis. Ethological expertise.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nadya Bozakova, DVM, PhD.

Phone: 00359 042 699 570;


Scientific interests: Assoc. Prof. Nadya Bozakova is a scientist in animal behaviour, welfare, animal hygiene. She is a member of the ISAH (2003) and ISAE (2015). She is an organizer and lector at National course for the protection and welfare of animals in pet shops (2009 – to now) and a member of Management Committee of COST Action CA 15134 “Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens” (2016).                                                                                                  


Chief Assist. Prof. Mehmed Yuksel Halil, PhD

Phone: (042) 699 266; E-mail:

Research fields: Animal behaviour

Technical Staff:

Pavlina Todorova Ivanova, lecturer – organizer of the teaching process,

Phone: (042) 699 572, E-mail:


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