Information for all Erasmus students

To the attention to all Erasmus+ students (Bulgarian, foreign from Bulgarian groups and foreign from English groups)

Dear students,

Concerning summer traineeship, Academic year 2019/2020 all students, mentioned above must take into account the rules for summer traineeship after 3-rd, 4-th and 5-th year. The details are published on the web of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. If you decide to attend Erasmus+ traineeship you have to mention in your application to the Vice-Dean, responsible for Clinical practice (secretary office – Mrs Tania Gancheva) the country, the town and the University or Private Veterinary Clinic and the period. These applications are different from Erasmus+ documents you sent or you will send to me.

For 5-th year Erasmus+ students (English and Bulgarian groups and Bulgarian students) can attend all 3 parts of their traineeship (clinics and food safety) in their home countries or in a country from EU and obligatory to present after that the official documents confirming their attendance in addition to the needed Erasmus documents – after the mobility.

In any case all Erasmus+ students must attend an obligatory summer traineeship as all remaining students as the traineeship is part of your teaching programs and you must follow the general rules before, during and after the traineeship.

However, whether the traineeship will be in the framework of the Erasmus+ Program or not, is not depending on me and is mainly depending on the country, university (including our university) or clinic because of the complicate and unclear situation with COVID 19.

If you need more info please do not hesitate to contact me by FB, E mail or phone.

Take care!

Erasmus + coordinator: Prof. Ivan Penchev


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