Important information for Erasmus students – summer traineeship 2022!

Important information for Erasmus students – summer traineeship 2022!

Dear Erasmus Students,

I hope that your Erasmus traineeship is going well. Now I am attaching some models of after mobility documents, that the clinics must deliver to you to the end of your traineeship:

1. LA-After the mobility – filled in and signed and stamp by the doctor/clinic. Actually this is the 3-rd part of the Learning agreement. Till now you LA-Before the mobility. Note that you do not need “During the mobility” section! Please use the new Learning agreement on the web of Trakia Uni!

2. Certificate.

In September you must come firstly to my office with these documents for checking and then to Mrs Mitsova to present the copies of these documents together with travel documents (tickets, gas station receipts…). Finally, to Mrs Tania Gancheva from Dean’s office for defense of the traineeship. In addition to these documents you must strictly follow the detailed instructions/papers on the Web of the Veterinary Faculty, specific for 3-rd, 4-th and 5-th year students and needed for the defense of your traineeship!

Please note!

  • The attached After mobility documents are just models! Don’t make direct copy-paste! You have to describe all your activities in your clinic during the traineeship!
  • The dates in “Before the mobility” section, “After the mobility” section and Certificate must be the same, i.e. 04.07.2022 – 03.09.2022!

If you need some additional info/help please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please share this info in your groups!


Prof. Ivan Penchev,

International Relations and Erasmus + Office,

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Trakia University

Stara Zagora


After the mobility Erasmus – 2022_1

After the mobility Erasmus – 2022_2

Certficate Erasmus – 2022_1

Certficate Erasmus – 2022_2


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