Important information for all Erasmus students who will attend a summer traineeship – 2022

Important information for all Erasmus students who will attend a summer traineeship – 2022

Dear Students,

Please read carefully this information:

1.Students who applied till October 2021 – Please check on the web of Trakia University – the first ranking whether you are approved SM Protokol ( In the protocol are just your faculty numbers! However, if you applied till October 2021, but your faculty number is not in this protocol please come immediately to my office to apply again.

If you are approved – next step includes to be filled in 3 important documents. These document must be signed and stamp by the Veterinary Clinics in which you will attend your summer traineeship:

1. Confirmation letter

2. Letter of intent

3. Learning agreement for traineeship

These documents are available on the web of Trakia University and here. In addition, to facilitate the procedure, on the Web of Veterinary Faculty you can find models of these 3 documents from previous year. But please pay attention: Do not make direct copy-paste and do not use the documents from previous year, just new ones! In Learning agreement, you have to fill in only “Before the mobility section” (according to the model) and you have to describe in details your program of the traineeship in Table A in coordination with owners and/or doctors of the Clinics. Pay attention:  when you prepare your program of the traineeship you have to take into account the special requirements for each year students published on the web of Veterinary Faculty. Otherwise, you will have problems with the defense of your traineeship in autumn.

According to Erasmus rules the minimal period is 60 days with weekends but without dates of travel and all months are 30 days! Therefore, the best period that you have to write in your Learning agreement and in Confirmation letter is: 04. July 2022 – 03. September 2022.

According to Erasmus rules, the traineeship must be obligatory in different town or at least in different Clinic, not the same as in previous year! Otherwise your documents will be not proceeded!

If you have questions concerning the documents, you are welcome to my office every working day between 9 h and 13 h.

The signed and stamp documents by the Clinics must be presented in my office till mid of May 2022! The students who will not go to their countries can send me the signed and stamp documents as scan copies to my E mail: The documents of Facebook will not be accepted!

2. Students who applied after October 2021 will be included in the second ranking which will be published later on the web of Trakia University. After that the procedure is the same as described above.

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Prof. Dr. Ivan Penchev Dsc

International Relations and Erasmus Office, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


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