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2017 година


Област на знанието: Икономика. Икономически науки

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FAO Social Protection Framework : promoting rural development for all, 2017.

FAO Social Protection Framework presents the Organization's vision and approach to social protection. FAO recognizes the critical role social protection plays in furthering and accelerating progress around food security and nutrition, agriculture development, rural poverty and resilience building. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: райони, селски – развитие


Област на знанието: Право. Правни науки

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The violation of human rights in the fishing sector = Discursos de presentacion durante el Dia Mundial de la Pesca en la FAO, 2017.

Violations of human rights in the fishing sector are frequent, ongoing and require an urgent solution. Illegal fishing, exploitation of workers and human trafficking are all causes of grave concern for both FAO and the Holy See. During the World Fisheries Day 2016, the two institutions took the occasion to jointly denounce and call for the eradication of these injustices. (FAO)

Предметни рубрики: риболов – права на човека


Област на знанието: Санитарна инспекция и контрол. Инспекция на храните

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Pesticide residues in food 2016 : Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues : Report of the Joint Meeting of the FAO Panel of Experts on Pesticide Residues in Food and the Environment and the WHO Core Assessment Group on Pesticide Residues Rome, Italy, 13-22 September 2016, 2017.

This book contains both the report and evaluations on 29 pesticides, including 8 new compounds and 4 compounds that were re-evaluated within the periodic review programme of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues for toxicity or residues, or both. (FAO)

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