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2017 година


Област на знанието: Хигиена на въздуха, водата и почвата. Санитарен контрол върху замърсяванията

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Lusher, Amy и др. Microplastics in fisheries and aquaculture : status of knowledge on their occurrence and implications for aquatic organisms and food safety, 2017.

This publication provides an overview of the occurrence and effects of microplastics on aquatic organisms. It makes recommendations regarding seafood safety, environmental risk assessment approaches and targeted monitoring of microplastics in the environment. The study provides detailed information on the most likely pathways in terms of sources, transport and distribution, a framework to assess the risks that may (or may not) affect commercial fish stocks and consumers, and an understanding of the scope and limitations of current microplastic sampling techniques. (fao.org)

Предметни рубрики: риболов, морски – вредни вещества – микропластики ; хигиена на водата ; санитарен контрол

Област на знанието: Горско стопанство

 Сигнатура: ЕК

Global guidelines for the restoration of degraded forests and landscapes in drylands : building resilience and benefiting livelihoods, 2017.

Up to 20 percent of the world’s drylands are degraded, and people living there are often locked into a vicious circle of poverty, unsustainable practices and environmental degradation. These ground-breaking guidelines present a vast range of actions for the design and implementation of restoration initiatives, from on-the-ground activities such as habitat protection, assisted natural regeneration, sand-dune stabilization and planting, to policy improvements, provision of financial incentives, capacity development, and continuous monitoring and learning. (fao.org)

Предметни рубрики: лесовъдство ; гори – залесяване – райони, сухи












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