Bachelor’s degree

  • Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy (PPSP)

The multifaceted theoretical, practical and general education of students provides conditions for successful professional realization and career development.
Professional qualification: Preschool and Primary School Teacher.
Duration of training: 4 years
Professional competencies for working with preschool and primary school children are mastered, as well as the ability to train and educate children and develop their creative potential.

  • Primary School Pedagogy with a Foreign Language (PSPFL)

The specialty provides general educational, psychological and pedagogical, social and psycholinguistic training as well as training in foreign languages. Practical skills for learning are mastered along with skills for linguistic, educational and communicative activities in Bulgarian and foreign languages (English, Russian, French), which guarantees successful professional realization.
Professional qualification: Primary School Teacher with a Foreign Language
Duration of training: 4 years
Graduates of this specialty acquire professional competences for early foreign language teaching in primary school, training and education of the child.

  • Social Pedagogy (SP)

The training of future specialists provides them with opportunity to acquire knowledge in pedagogy, psychology, sociology, law, medicine, and professional practical training.
They are the basis for developing specific and wide-ranging professional and work skills for pedagogical activities with children, adolescents and adults.
Professional qualification: Social Pedagogue
Duration of training: 4 years
Professional competencies are focused on social accompaniment and support for the development of disadvantaged children and persons.

  • Special pedagogy (SpP)

The specialty provides a broad range of knowledge, skills and competences in the field of special pedagogy and psychology, speech and hearing rehabilitation, and communication disorders.
Professional qualification: Special Pedagogue
Duration of training: 4 years
This includes competences for assessing the condition of children and individuals with special educational needs, working on overcoming speech and communication disorders and applying non-traditional and person-oriented approaches for social inclusion.

  • Pedagogy of Information Technology Education (PITE)

The specialty provides basic broad-based training in information technologies, psychology, pedagogy, methodology and management of education.
Graduates from this specialty acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of information technologies and computer networks, operating systems, databases, computer graphics, object-oriented programming, etc., data structures and algorithms, as well as basic mathematical preparation.
Professional qualification: Teacher of Information Technologies
Duration of training: 4 years


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